Niki D



(gender, sexual and relationship diversity)


“If you’re always trying to be normal you will never know how amazing you can be”

Maya Angelou

People who have experience of being outside of the norm - beyond the mainstream – know what it is to feel like the outsider, the Other. The oppressive and damaging side of this experience of Otherness results in alienation, overt and covert prejudice, internalised hatred and shame, vulnerability and experiences of violence and microaggressions.

The positive and life affirming side of this Otherness can be found in a resilience, unique self-expression and personal liberation from social norms. It can promote creative, political, philosophical and spiritual exploration and a sense of belonging to a chosen community and a friendship family.

What I have consistently found to be a crucial factor in overcoming the challenges and oppressions of being an outsider to the norm, is developing a connection to other people with a lived experience of marginalisation and misunderstanding. It nurtures a compassionate - and passionate - connection to oneself, others and life itself.

Through my own experiences of being an outsider and having the privilege of knowing and working with people who have experienced prejudice, I really want to invite this sense of connection, acceptance and celebration to all people who come through my door.

It is in a group experience that significant breakthroughs often occur for clients. It can be incredibly daunting to face a room of strangers all meeting with the intention of being open and available to consider how it is to relate and be related to. People with some shared experiences and some disparate ones. It takes courage and willingness to be outside of familiar comfort zones to take part in group therapy. It is this willingness to go beyond what is familiar that can yield such positive results.


 The first group will start on Wednesday 25th September 2019 and run from 6.30-8.30pm.

Autumn term 2019: 25th Sept, 9th & 23rd Oct, 6th & 20th Nov, 4th Dec.

 Winter term 2020: 15th & 29th Jan, 12th & 26th Feb, 11th & 25th Mar.

Summer term 2020: 6th & 20th May, 3rd & 17th Jun, 1st & 15th Jul.

Autumn term 2020: 2nd & 16th & 30th Sept, 14th & 28th Oct, 11th Nov.

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Contact me by email, text or phone. I will let you know about availability and invite you to meet me so that we can determine if this particular group would be suitable for you.

With your permission, I would then share your first name with the group so that any possible dual relationship (client/therapist, supervisee/supervisor, colleague, ex-lover, friend) can be identified and we can then decide if this group constellation would be suitable.

If it is suitable, I would arrange for you to join the group at the start of a new term.