Niki D



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“Follow not me, but you.”


I have been working as a supervisor for 15 years and increasingly find myself moving away from the title of Clinical Supervisor as a descriptor of what occurs when I am with someone who comes for supervision.

Clinical conjures up scientific efficiency and cold detachment. I have an impression of myself being tasked to study and critique my supervisee from an elevated position of superiority, whilst we both study and dissect the poor client that is being discussed. It sends shivers down my spine.

With this moniker, there seems to be no room for the development of a meaningful relationship. One in which the supervisee can share their hopes, fears, insecurities, triumphs, past trauma’s, current passions and future dreams about themselves, their work, their clients. 

The title that more aptly describes the supervision that I hope to offer and engage in, is Therapeutic Supervision.

This reflects the idea of the supervisor and supervisee being engaged together in an inquiry about what it means for this supervisee involved in their challenging work with clients - to be themselves - with this particular client, in this particular role, at this particular moment in their life.

From this stance, sometimes supervision can feel more akin to therapy, other times it can feel akin to teaching, some times more like being adventurers in a known and unknown land.

I offer individual supervision to people working in private practice and to people working in public, private and charity sectors.

For many years I worked as a supervisor to the counsellors and therapists at the Metropolitan Police Service, as well as with Victim Support and Women’s Aid staff. Currently I offer therapeutic supervision to Galop (a leading LGBT+ anti-violence charity).

Most people come for individual supervision, but I will also be running a monthly group supervision with a focus on different themes, such as embodiment, trauma informed work, relational work, sexuality and GSRD (gender, sexual and relationship diversity). If you are interested in being a part of this supervision group experience, please make contact.