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“Caring for myself is not self-indulgence, it is self-preservation, and that is an act of political warfare.”

Audrey Lorde

I am saddened by the unhelpful division that can exist between the psychotherapies and body therapies. So often I hear about one being elevated in importance over the other.

The saddening part of this for me is how this patriarchal/capitalist notion of valuing the mind over the body can infiltrate the opinions of many psychotherapists to bias them against the important healing work being carried out by body therapists of a wide range of approaches. From osteopaths, cranialsacral therapists and bioenergetic practitioners through to naturopaths, tantric therapists, yoga teachers, sound therapists and many more.

Conversely, there can be a simplistic, evangelical manner in which some body therapists preach that their approach is THE answer to a client’s problems. Some consider the talking therapies as a poor substitute or unhelpful distraction from more important energetic, physiological and spiritual work.

The attitude I have always preferred is a recognition and celebration that both psychotherapies and body therapies can hold equal importance in supporting ourselves and our clients to develop, heal, make sense of difficulties, overcome problems, learn more about ourselves and others as complex thinking, feeling, sensing, energetic, sexual, social, interrelated beings that we all are. (Both approaches can also be equally misguided and damaging to clients at times too).

Certainly, one of the values for me of existential therapy has been the recognition that we cannot divorce the mind from the body. Our thoughts are embodied as much as our physical sensations are interpreted with our thoughts. There is a need to acknowledge and honour our entire embodied self, rather than privileging one aspect of embodiment over another. I believe this also translates to our therapies.

A unified notion of acknowledging the interrelated importance of all our therapeutic, healing approaches has lead me to want to offer a therapeutic group experience for psychotherapists, body therapists and hybrid healers, to come together in a supportive, inclusive environment where there can be an excitement about the work you are involved in, the ideas you may be germinating, the links you are making with others, with yourself and with a more transcendental notion of what it means to be human in our world.

The group will be open to a maximum of 8 people and will run fortnightly for two hours during the week day. The time was chosen in recognition that many therapists see clients on evenings and weekends. The group will be ongoing and will follow academic terms. This allows you to have a break from the group experience and return again the next term if you want to commit once more to this rich experience of being with other therapists in a supportive and challenging group environment.


The first group will start on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 and run from 11am to 1pm.

The dates in this Autumn term are: 23rd Oct, 6th & 20th Nov, 4th & 18th Dec 2019

The Winter term dates are 15th & 29th Jan, 12th & 26th Feb, 11th & 25th Mar 2020

The Summer term dates are 6th & 20th May, 3rd & 17th Jun, 1st & 15th Jul 2020

The Autumn term dates are 2nd, 16th, 30th Sep, 14th & 28th Oct, 11th Nov 2020

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Contact me by email, text or phone. I will let you know about availability and invite you to meet me so that we can determine if this particular group would be suitable for you.

With your permission, I would then share your first name with the group so that any possible dual relationship (client/therapist, supervisee/supervisor, colleague, ex-lover, friend) can be identified and we can then decide if this group constellation would be suitable.

If it is suitable, I would arrange for you to join the group at the start of a new term.



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